NoCo, Or: The Fifty First State

From CBS News in Denver:
"There’s a growing effort to create a 51st state out of parts of northeast Colorado.
Ten counties, including Weld and Morgan, started talking about seceding last month. Now some people Lincoln and Cheyenne counties say they want to join a new state they’d call “North
Organizers of the secession effort say their interests are not being represented at the state Capitol. Representatives from the 10 counties held a meeting on Monday in the town of Akron in Weld County to begin mapping the boundaries for the new state they say will represent the interests of rural Colorado."
This isn't the first state secessionist movement I have ever heard of, nor will is it likely to be the last. However, it does seem that, during an era of hyper-partisanship, splits might become more likely (if still relatively unlikely) to actually occur. We will be keeping an eye on this one...

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